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Our Next Meeting...

Chemicals & Fertilizers

For Roses

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:00 p.m.

Adult Building, First Baptist Church, 3500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA.

Paul & Charlotte Blankenship grow roses for
use primarily as cut flowers, to exhibit, to sell and to share.  Cut flowers must be essentially damage free and accompanied by foliage that compliments the bloom.  Growing modern roses in the Southeast, that means including the use of pesticides and fungicides in one’s care program.  Consistent, season long production of roses further entails the application of fertilizers which enable the plant to maintain a high growth and bloom production.  Paul will share his care program which has been honed over the years to conserve cost, chemical use and labor.  Come join us this month to learn the chemicals and fertilizers Paul uses to keep his roses at their blooming best.

David Sheets

Program Chair

And, don’t forget, we will be gathering at O’Charley’s for dinner at 5:00 p.m. prior to the meeting...


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The Augusta Rose Society was founded in 1960 and continues its mission of promoting the growing of roses and rose activities in the Aiken Augusta area.  Our educational monthly meetings cover aspects of growing, arranging, landscaping and exhibiting roses.  The Society is comprised of beginners, experienced rosarians and those who simply love roses...

We are members of the American Rose Society and its Deep South District.

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